Custom Designed Storefronts for Shopify Plus Stores

Shopify Plus is home to more than 2,500 of the fastest-growing stores ecommerce stores in the world.

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Freedom and Control

Shopify Plus is the choice of fast-growing brands because it offers merchants more freedom and control over their store than any other ecommerce platform. They eliminate worries about the technical side of your site, so that you can focus on your business.

Underwaterpistol has over a decade of Shopify design and development experience to help you join them. Take control of your business and your growth.

Want a home your business can grow with on Shopify Plus?

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Shopify Plus is the platform for growth

Kylie Jenner, Death Wish Coffee, Jaded LDN, Nestle. Shopify Plus is home to some of the fastest-growing ecommerce stores in the world, with yearly revenues ranging from $1M to $500M+.

That’s because Shopify Plus boasts:

  • 99.98 uptime, even during BFCM peaks of more than 10,000 orders per minute.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and sales
  • Level 1 PCI DSS compliant security

Built for ecommerce stores

Shopify Plus isn’t a platform to build websites. It’s a platform for ecommerce. Instead of struggling with technology, you can focus on your growing business. No website-breaking updates, no security issues, no incompatible apps.

A platform that is easy-to-use means that your team can take control of your day-to-day operations. Underwaterpistol will train and guide your team to make the most of every feature of your store and site.

Want a home your business can grow with on Shopify Plus?

Let's Talk Shopify

Everything you need to scale

Shopify Plus doesn’t just give you room to grow, it hands you the tools to make growth happen.

  • An app store with over 1500 plug-and-play apps, each one vetted by Shopify.
  • Rich APIs that let you create custom-developed integrations for the third-party services you use to run your business right now.
  • Automation tools that let you remove hours of repetitive tasks each week from your workflow.

If you need something that doesn’t already exist, Underwaterpistol’s development team will create a custom app or integration to make it happen for you.

A unique home for your brand

Your store is the face and home of your brand. You shouldn’t settle for a home that looks like everyone else’s.

With Shopify Plus, anything you want to build is wide-open. Whether you want to start with an existing look, or build something new from the ground up, our designers and devs will bring it to life.

Want a home your business can grow with on Shopify Plus?

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