Your checklist to a successful migration.

In this webinar, we’ll give you a comprehensive checklist for how to prepare for your website migration. Experts from Shopify Plus and our specialist ecommerce agency will address your migration concerns, and deliver practical advice on how to effortlessly manage the move.

In This Webinar.

What you should and shouldn’t fear during a migration
By Nathan UWP

An agency’s guide to prepare your team for the big move
By Ben & Leigh UWP

Common merchant mirgration mistakes and how to avoid them
By Name Shopify Plus

(Snappy title of merchant success story talk)
By Name Brand Name


Nathan Abbot

Head of Growth


Benjamin Oluonye

Head of Delivery


Leigh Holland


Ecommerce Strategist

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Launch Engineer

Shopify Plus

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Shifting to Shopify Plus.

For many ambitious and growing online retail brands, migrating to Shopify Plus is the next logical step. The impressive growth opportunities the platform presents makes it a tempting choice, but we know that there are sometimes roadblocks that stand in the way of taking the leap.

Whether it’s fears about maintaining your SEO rankings or moving your product data and content over smoothly, we understand that a seamless migration takes a lot of time and preparation. And that’s what we’re here for.

Who is this event for?

Online retail who are considering migrating to Shopify Plus.

Brands who are preparing for their move to Shopify Plus.

Brands who are interested in learning more about a site migration process.