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Does being a high-volume store force you to do ecommerce the hard way? Not anymore.

Shopify Plus has everything you need to run a high-volume, enterprise level ecommerce store, and to make it easier than you ever thought possible.

Choosing Underwaterpistol to build your Shopify Plus website gives you beautiful design that showcases your brand and a partner on a mission to make you more money.

Shopify Plus experts


The team at UWP are brilliant! They're a talented bunch, who work hard and have exactly the right attitude to get the job done. When faced with a challenge they get stuck in and find a solution, working quickly and efficiently.


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Why Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the best option for large stores and fast rising ecommerce stars. It’s perfect for any store that is:

  • Already doing $50,000 or more in sales each month
  • Brands getting traction and quickly rising toward six-figure sales
  • Established retail brands breaking into ecommerce

Shopify Plus offers features and functionality to enterprise level businesses that you won’t get anywhere else.

Easiest-to-use ecommerce platform

Add products and promotions without a developer, automate your workflows, and see what is going on in your business, all with a single login.

Always-on Support

You’ll have a dedicated account manager ready to answer your email or call 24/7.

Guaranteed Uptime

No matter how heavy the traffic or how many sales, your site will be there for your customers.

Exclusive apps and scripts

You’ll have access to a full range of Shopify Plus only apps and the Shopify Plus API for any custom development solution you need.

Custom Checkout

Bring your branding and custom functionality to your checkout experience to reduce abandoned carts and set your store apart from the competition.

Sell where you want to

Web, mobile, social, brick-and-mortar, wholesale. Sell everywhere your customers want to buy. Shopify Plus isn’t multi-channel, it’s every channel.

We initially approached UWP with a very tight deadline. Even though this was an almost impossible task, they were keen to get stuck in and were not afraid of the challenge. We're now working very closely together on a number of projects and have constant communications and great support. Would definitely recommend!
—Flare Audio

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Shopify Plus experts

Our Shopify Plus services

Being a Shopify Plus Partner means we’re part of a small group of vetted agencies and professionals who bring years of experience and expertise to Shopify merchants.

If you want to do ecommerce right, you want a Shopify Plus Partner by your side. If you want a partner on the journey who cares about your business, you want Underwaterpistol. We’ll be with you at every stage of your stores lifecycle.

Design and Development

We create eye popping websites that nudge your customers into opening up their hearts and their wallets just for you. We’ll go hand-in-hand through UX research, wireframing, design, and launch.

From our first phone call to the final line of code, we’ll be your partner in creating your new store. Want to be sure your site matches your vision? We’re listening. Need custom apps & functionality? We’ve got your back.

Growth Marketing

It’s not enough to have a beautiful store that can convert. You’ve got to have wallet-out traffic knocking down the door to see it.

We’re talking about the kind of traffic that turns into loyal brand advocates, spends all their birthday money on you, and funds that yacht you’re thinking about buying.

Whether it’s Instagram, PPC & Facebook ads, SEO, or automated email, we help merchants connect with their ideal customers and bring credit card wielding mobs to their door


Current platform just not doing it for you anymore? Looking for something a little more functional and fun? Maybe even a little more sexy? Let us bring you home where you belong… to Shopify Plus. You deserve better, and so do your customers.

We’ll design your site, set you up for SEO and sales success, and then we’ll migrate your data. Products, customers, order history. Whatever you’ve got, we’ll move it to your new place without spilling a drop.


Ecommerce websites aren’t “done” just because they are launched out into the world. Like a wondrous newborn, they must be guided and taught if they will ever reach their full potential.

We want to help you raise that newborn to full, profit-generating adulthood. And by that, we mean guide you through the process of making your Shopify site better at turning your browsers into customers.

Analytics, heatmaps, A/B testing, customer research. We collect and analyze data, then turn it into actionable advice that helps you go from “What is holding us back?” to “Should I start another investment account, or finally buy that yacht?”

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Are you ready to launch a new ecommerce website? Whether you’re an established business or just getting started, we’ll create a Shopify store that looks the part and brings in sales.

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