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Free SEO Audit

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Our free SEO Audit provides a brief insight into how SEO-friendly your website is. These basic metrics will highlight what specific areas need immediate attention and how well your website is performing overall.


Why do I need to be SEO-friendly?

SEO is more than just content. SEO includes lots of different technical elements that contribute towards helping your website show up in Google search results. The better your website SEO is, the more chance you have of featuring regularly in relevant Google searches. Our free SEO audit covers some of the key elements that contribute towards improving your SEO.

Our SEO audit highlights the top 3 SEO issues with your website, and analyses the following:

  • SEO Friendly Tests

  • Google Pagespeed

  • HTML Tags

  • Meta descriptions

  • Content Quality

  • Text Statistics

Do you need help improving your SEO?

We offer a full service including:
  • On-site audit of all site pages

  • Backlink audit (To identify toxic links)

  • Report of all errors from high to low priority

  • Exported list of current keyword rankings

  • Google Search Console review (sitemap, connecting to analytics & more)

  • Fixing on-site SEO Issues

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