POMP Flowers

Bursting onto the flower delivery scene with their bountiful blooms, POMP turned to our team at Underwaterpistol for a site as wow-worthy as their bouquets. With over 30 years of experience nurturing and growing roses for wholesale, they were ready to bring their mesmerising arrangements to the world of ecommerce.

They had a memorable name, punchy branding and flowers bigger than your head. What they needed next was a store that made ordering these mind-blowing arrangements both fun and easy. So, here’s how we helped POMP take those abundant blooms from their family-run flower farm in Colombia, to the most stylish tabletops in the US...

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  • CRO
  • UX/UI Design
  • Art Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Development
  • Email Marketing
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  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Yotpo
  • 12% email conversion rate
  • 2.6% desktop conversion rate just two months after launch
  • 97% above average conversion rate for the home & garden industry on desktop


When launching a new website, the number one challenge is bringing the story to life. POMP had a logo, a color palette and select imagery, but they needed an agency to tie it all together on-site. The team already knew they loved Shopify, having used it for another of their ecommerce ventures. So their first task was finding an agency that understood the platform, and knew how to fuse it with their vision. 

They spoke with a number of agencies at varying points on the price spectrum, but felt discouraged by the use of out-of-the-box designs that wouldn’t propel the POMP experience. Moreover, many teams would only focus on the design and development of the site, but lacked the UX (user experience) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) experience needed to truly amplify the brand.  

POMP wanted a partnership that felt easy, like an extension of their team, so they knew they had to be selective when it came to choosing an agency. 

Meanwhile, the lavish nature of their blooms presented a challenge for design. The buds are beautiful, but how do you ensure the ecommerce experience matches up? 


Every page – from product to checkout – needed to bring to life that feeling when the flowers arrive at a loved one’s door. The delight, the joy, the awe. It needed to emanate through the screen!

A blossoming relationship

After one of our partners at Exactius recommended Underwaterpistol to the POMP team, we pulled together our initial ideas for a fast-paced, impactful launch.

“We had two intro calls, and I was blown away after each conversation,” said POMP’s Executive Marketing Leader, Layne Cox. “We look for the partners who have the same cultural values we have – high commitment, integrity and expertise in what you’re doing – and straight away it felt like a strong relationship.”

Since those initial calls, that relationship has flourished into a powerful collaboration; one that goes beyond the launch, into a digital marketing model… But more on that later. 

Branding-building design

Before POMP had been introduced to our team at Underwaterpistol, they had already established their logo, colour palette and tone of voice.

These elements then needed to be pulled together into one conversion-driving website. So our UX and UI designers took their brand guidelines away, and wireframed a store that would boost flowers sales.

We fused UX essentials, such as seamless page structure and clear calls to action, with powerful POMP moments, including eye-catching transitions and subtle animations.

And there was no ‘one size fits all’ design. The brand’s hero Roses were given the stand-out feature they deserve, with an editorial-style collection page that elevates their presence on the site.

This step was one of Layne’s favourite parts of the project. “Getting the first reveal of the work Sara (Design Lead) and Fran (Art Director) had done was the first moment I thought ‘oh wow, it’s really come to life’.”

A Mother’s Day soft launch

Mother’s Day was an unmissable moment for the POMP team.

“It’s a huge floral delivery day,” said Layne, “so to skip that would have been a big fail.”

However, with the official brand launch still weeks away, we needed to work fast to create a soft launch site from which customers could order arrangements, and we could gather data and product reviews. 

The team moved at pace to turn the soft launch site around in just three weeks. This helped POMP get their dazzling arrangements out to customers, and gain all-important ratings. It also gave us valuable learnings to carry through to the ‘real’ launch.

“The soft launch was a nice breather to make the official launch go smoother,” Layne agreed. 

Flourishing development

Custom themes require bespoke builds by our team of developers, who are specially trained on the intricacies of Shopify Plus. Not only were we tasked with creating an awe-inducing store from scratch, but we also added movements that made the POMP garden feel like it’s truly alive and growing.

We integrated YotPo to display user generated content – a vital trust cue. Then, the final flourish was a gifting option that allowed customers to choose their delivery date and write a message to the lucky recipient. 

A digital marketing strategy

When we started the POMP project, we created a Roadmap for success that looked far beyond the launch. This bumper-sized, bespoke strategy highlighted how the brand could get their blooms seen by the world. Driven by data and led by our team of PPC, paid social, SEO, email and creative experts, the digital marketing plan encompassed all platforms for a holistic approach. 

And we’re just getting started. With the site freshly launched, our digital marketing hub is collaborating with the brand team on assets, copy and campaigns to get that Roadmap in gear. Watch this space as we help to grow and nurture the POMP garden into a leader of the US flower delivery industry. 


Just two months after launch, POMP is flourishing in the flower industry with a desktop conversion rate of 2.6%. We look forward to helping them grow from budding start-up to market leader, with initial results setting the foundations for ecommerce success. 


average desktop conversion rate just two months after launch 


above average conversion rate for the home & garden industry on desktop


email conversion rate


pages viewed per session on average, as users get to know the site