The Brew Tea Co.

Ready to take their punchy blends from wholesale to retail, Brew Tea Co. was looking to “push the boundaries for exceptional food content online”. Their goal was to help customers “almost touch, feel and smell the tea” through their screens. They had the perfect products; now all they needed was the right ecommerce agency to elevate their store and subscriptions.

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  • +12% increase in average order value
  • +15% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • -8.7% reduction in bounce rate


2020 was a difficult year for wholesale brands. That’s why, when Brew Tea Co. reached out to Underwaterpistol, they were in urgent need of a visually compelling direct-to-consumer (D2C) site with a smooth, distinct subscription offering.

However, their thirst for expansion was hamstrung by an old theme and the wrong technology. This meant our team of strategists, creatives, UX experts and developers was met with a series of challenges. 

First, the old theme made simple updates a clunky and often cumbersome task, requiring extensive development time to change an image or add a new product. 

Meanwhile, the inability to merchandise products effectively was impacting conversion rates. Collection pages displayed each tea in an arbitrary order, while product pages lacked the visuals and trust cues to bring the blends to life. 

Then, there was the matter of subscriptions. Again, old technology impacted Brew Tea Co.’s offering. They needed functionality as friendly as their brand identity to help customers customise their tea top-ups.

And, finally, all of these details – the UX, the subscriptions and the merchandising – were in need of a mobile-optimised makeover. While a desktop-first approach may have suited Brew Tea Co.’s wholesale strategy, upgrading the mobile experience was key to enticing tea-drinking consumers. 


We set about upgrading Brew Tea Co. on five key fronts, using a mix of UX, development, creative and conversion-boosting expertise. Here’s how...

Implementing a full UX redesign

With their playful palette and straight-talking tone, Brew Tea Co. packs a punch in the branding department. Our job was to amplify their bright and bold aesthetic through a joyful user experience.

From the ground up, we redesigned the site with a raft of new, conversion-charging features. This included ‘complete the set’ cross-selling and a new layout that champions thumb-stopping visuals.

Each and every update was led by an in-depth CRO (conversion rate optimisation) strategy. Then, in the back-end, developers ensured the old, clunky theme was replaced with airtight functionality. Modular blocks meant merchants could quickly and easily make updates on their own – no more development time required every time a new product was launched.  

Supercharging the subscription offering

Brew Tea’s blends are so good, it’s no wonder their drinkers never want to run out. To keep customers topped up with their favourite teas, we revamped the brand’s popular subscription offering. Migrating them from Bold to ReCharge opened up a  host of bespoke options. This allowed us to customise every last detail, from the landing page to the accounts section. 

Speaking of the accounts section; we addressed churn by allowing customers to adjust their subscriptions. Now, they can add one-time products, start additional subscriptions, and update their frequency. More tea, more often? No problem. Feeling a little ‘tea’d out’? Tap pause or change your delivery dates.  

And subscribers no longer have to stick to just one blend of tea from month to month. If they want Darjeeling in May and Iced Tea in June, they can switch at the click of a button. 

Introducing giftable tea subscriptions

For those looking to treat a loved one (or shop on a ‘one for them, one for me’ basis), we introduced giftable tea subscriptions. ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ lets customers choose from a three-month, six-month or 12-month prepaid subscription, then pick a tea that the giftee will love. All of this was set up within the  ReCharge platform – no third-party apps required.

Building a bundle builder

Some tea drinkers might be English Breakfast or Earl Grey all the way. Others like to pick and choose a bevy of blends, so they can taste a few new cups or mix and match their favourites. 

That’s why we created the ‘Build a Box’ bundler, complete with a multibuy discount. Using this bespoke tool, shoppers can pick three teas (loose leaf or bags), and save some money along the way. 

Like the subscription, this wasn’t about mere functionality. UX and design fed into the tool, too, ensuring every facet matched the rest of the redesigned site. 

Updating the loyalty scheme and reviews

Finally, the loyalty programme also needed revamping to match the new look and feel. Upgrading the design here lets customers spend their Brew Coins (aka points) in style. Meanwhile, reviews were migrated over to our preferred partner, YotPo. These crucial trust cues now appear on every Brew Tea Co. product page.


With the store redesigned and subscriptions upgraded, how did Brew Tea Co.’s reimagined ecommerce site fare? Our combined UX, design and development efforts exceeded all three of the brand’s ambitious targets: 

+12% increase in average order value 

+15% increase in mobile conversion rate

-8.7% reduction in bounce rate