Digital Marketing

We'll help you find your market and turn them into customers.

Hand in hand with your website or webstore goes great digital marketing.

We support clients’ businesses by offering just that, helping to build your business online.

We offer various levels of managed services depending on your budget, resources and expertise.

Our digital marketing services include:

Strategy Development

We work with you to develop the most effective strategy for your business. Digital marketing covers many disciplines but choosing the right mix will depend on your market, your products, your business objectives and many other factors.

Search marketing - Paid search and SEO

With an estimated 89% of consumers using search engines to research purchase decision, visibility for your website on key search engines ensures potential clients will find your business when searching for the products or services you provide.

The process of purchasing ads on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

Paid search offers the advantage of instant visibility in search engine results with a high degree of control but comes at a cost for every visitor.

Particularly useful for establishing new businesses online or maintaining a steady flow of new clients to an existing business or website.

SEO does not have a per visitor cost but success takes time and expertise.

Staying ahead of your competition and search engine updates requires ongoing effort.

Email Marketing

You can’t always expect your customers to come to your website - sometimes you’ve got to go to them. When you do, it’s important that your message is just as professionally designed and effective as your website.

Email marketing is consistently shown to provide the best return on investment of all marketing channels.

Whether you want to send out regular newsletters or raise awareness of current promotions or campaigns, we can provide you with the tools and expertise to bolster the impact and return of your marketing campaigns.


Underwaterpistol websites are designed and built to help you achieve your business goals. What they say to your customer is just as important as how they look.

With so many aspects to consider to generate good copy, no wonder many businesses struggle with copywriting- is my copy informative, persuasive, is it SEO friendly AND engaging? 

Our professional copywriters will craft copy that’s tailored to your business and its customers and focused on achieving your business goals.


Social Media Management

You need to be involved in the conversations relating to your brand that are taking place online. 

Whether you are building a community around your brand, finding new ways to get your marketing message over to your audience or improving your customer case, we've got social media strategies to help you achieve your business aims.


Analytics and Campaign Monitoring

We can also help with monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns with expert Google Analytics knowledge and other specialist tools available to us as an agency.